Granger Taylor
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                                                  The Story Of Granger Taylor

Granger Taylor of Duncan, BC started collecting P-40 parts in the mid-1970's after coming across a cockpit section at the bottom of a scrap heap in Victoria at Northern Junk.

Granger was a well known local collector, perhaps best known from hauling a huge steam locomotive out of the bush single handedly and restoring it. This rare locomotive now is at the BC Forest Museum in Duncan. Granger had the reputation of being able to fix almost anything, whether it be a bulldozer or lawnmower he always seemed to work his magic and bring it back to life.

Northern Junk was a large local scrap dealer that was responsible for scrapping many surplus RCAF aircraft after WWII. From this mangled chunk of aluminum, Granger slowly pieced together a reasonable replica. From the aft of the cockpit forward, the aircraft was pretty much P-40, albeit with a stripped cockpit. The wings were the cut wings from 1034, the engine came from a collector in Victoria (And was successfully run!), the cowlings came from a boatyard (they had broken an aircraft down for parts after the war). Aft of the cockpit was assembled from a Bolingbroke (Blenheim IV) fuselage section and Harvard tail.

However, from rather humble beginnings, the P-40 looked rather convincing from a distance and was used from years as a roadside attraction at a local antique store.

 Sadly, Granger disappeared in November 1980. He left a note saying he was going on a space journey and was never seen again. Many years later, the remains of his truck were found on Mt. Sicker (close to Duncan). They had been destroyed by a dramatic explosion; Granger apparently had blown himself up, bringing to an end the life of an eccentric genius.

After his disappearance, following Grangers written instructions, his parents slowly sold off his possessions. The P-40 was purchased by Bob Diemart of Carmen, Manitoba and was rebuilt to flying condition. It subsequently was sold to Ron Fagan and registered as N7205A in the US. It has been listed as being RCAF AK863 and AK823, but no factual provenance can be assigned to the assortment of bits and pieces that have become N7205A.
This is the cockpit section
that Granger started with.
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