This website was made with help from multiple Maude Family members. Plus the help from family friends such as John Paul. Below is a list of key people who assisted us in making the website possible.

Website Provided By: David Maude

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History Provided By: George Maude Via. Micheal Wilkie

Photos Of The P-40 During WWII Provided By: The RCAF Archives Via. George Maude

Photos Of The P-40 Moving And While It Was On Saltspring Island, BC Provided By: George Maude

"Moving The P-40" Movie Provided By Albert Van Wyk Via. Chris Maude

"Moving The P-40" Edited By: Glenn Maude

Wing Change Pictures Provided By: John Paul

Photos After Wing Change Till Today Provided By: George Maude, Chris Maude, And Glenn Maude.